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Sponsor Spotlight – Clif Bar

March 4, 2011
Everybody knows the story of Clif Bar: the year was 1990 and founder Gary Erickson was out on a 175 mile bike ride. Many miles and many of the “other” energies bar deep into the day, Gary couldn’t muster the will to take another bite of the bland bars he had available. It was in that moment that he realized he could make a better bar, a moment he refers to as “the epiphany.”
The rest, as they say, is history. Clif Bar is widely recognized as a leader in the energy bar market, with a comprehensive line that has expanded to far beyond the basic bar. Clif’s dedication is not only to providing the best energy foods with the largest amounts of organic ingredients, but that sense of environmental preservation is clearly demonstrated in their brand new state-of-the-art headquarters in Emeryville, CA. As for their food, well their philosophy is simple: We Love Food.
 The members of Team LionOfFlanders have been long time users of Clif products, having been a sponsor our prior team and we continue to use them today. The tried and true standard is the Clif Bar; truly the workhorse of the line and the bar that started it all. It is revered for its organic ingredients, moist texture, and large variety of flavors. My go-to flavor is the chocolate chip peanut crunch. When I need a little caffeine kick, I grab a cool mint chocolate. The Clif Bar is a staple for pre-ride fuel, and mid-ride on longer rides where I need the extra energy.
On the bike the choice for me is Shots for ease of use and digestibility. They’re ideal for racing, offering up a quick shot of energy from carbs and electrolytes. I stick with the basic, yet delicious, chocolate or strawberry for the buzz. But my favorite product? Well that just might have to be Bloks. Somewhere between the solid of a bar and the ease of a shot lies Bloks; they’re little bite of gummy goodness with a simple and easy to use package. Training or racing, Bloks always have a place in my jersey pocket. Give me strawberry or lemon lime if I’m feeling dangerous. Looking for a tasty way to recover after that hard day on the bike? Grab a pack of Roks – the chocolate is like little brownie bites – for the most fun way to refuel and give your aching muscles the protein they need to rebuild.
It’s not hard to see why the members of Team are such big fans of Clif products. For more information, such as a full listing of products and nutritional information, check out their website.
Clif’s product range doesn’t end on the bike; the offer a large selection of products such as Z Bars for kids, Mojo bars as a smart snack alternative, and the Builder Protein bar which I’m a big fan of as an afternoon snack at work. I find a Builder bar to be the perfect bar to carry past the post-lunch office slump and to prepare me for my workout when I get home.
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  1. Stephan P. Dioslaki permalink
    April 9, 2012 2:08 pm

    Hey – just wanted to tell Ryan that it was a pleasure riding with you in the break away during the Cherry Blossom Race. Cooler heads prevailed in an otherwise stacked field & stacked breakaway group…you had a great outlook and attitude on the dymanic out there! Your good sense / survial skills (and mine) were what allowed us to not only survive, to walk out fo there with a damn good placing! Cheers man!! Hope to see you out there again some time. Next time, perhaps I crack a beer with ya’ – you got the right idea!!!!!



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