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Sponsor Spotlight – Oakley

August 4, 2010


Team is proud to have Oakley on board as our eyewear sponsor. Long respected in the industry, Oakley’s Icon logo is the symbol of top quality sunglasses both on and off the bike.

The team chose custom Jawbone glasses to match our team kits, frames, and helmets. The Jawbone utilizes a hanged lower “jawbone” that allows for easy swapping of lenses, and each pair comes with two sets of lenses (of your choice with the custom program).

Personally I chose the vented black irdium lenses, which are the go-to standard for bright and sunny conditions. The vented option does well for on the bike efforts by helping to prevent fogging of lenses. My second choice of lenses was the G30 iridium, vented as well. I love these lenses as they excel in overcast and mixed lighting conditions.  Other favorites of the team are the yellow for the night time racing on the velo on Friday nights, and of course clear for rainy or twilight crits.

Oakley’s HDO (High Definition Optics) is an amazing technology that you literally have to see to believe. On the brightest and clearest of days, the HDO lenses will improve definition via filtering of UV rays and enhancement of contract thus giving you superior clarity.

Not to be neglected, the styling on the Jawbones is downright rad. And that counts for a lot.

So next time you see Team, make sure to take notice to the dope Oakley Jawbones they’re rocking. And you can get your own custom pair over at Oakley’s website.

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